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Business Agent

Jeff Kendall

Direct Line: 801–304-3453

Office Line: 801-972-1898 ext. 14

YRC Stewards

Shane Burns

Jim Coope

Steven Curdie

Rusty Hirsch

Brian Larsen

Stanley Leiter

David Olson

Michelle Osterberg

Michael Pepper

Benjamin Ricker

Chad Salanoa

Paul Sessions

Raymond Stahl

Reddaway Stewards

SLC Linehaul:

Jason Hicks

Brad Sterling

Greg Sturmer

SLC Local Cartage:

Kaulin Allen

Mark Cobbley

Kevin Pettit

Jeremy Wood


Membership Application Form

Grievance Form

Application for Withdrawal Card

Life with Dues Beneficiary Form

Update Personal Information with Local 222 – This form will only update your information at the Local Union Hall. If you need to update information with your insurance and/or pension that must be done separately.


Western Teamsters Welfare Trust


Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Website

WTWT Indemnity Plus Plan

Indemnity Medical Plan-Prescription Drug Benefits

Active Members – WTWT Important Benefit Information – December 2022

Retirees – WTWT Important Benefit Information – December 2022

Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Enrollment Packet

Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Retiree Enrollment Form

WTWT Weekly Income/Disability Waiver Application

Teamsters 401(k)

Teamsters-National 401(k) Savings Plan


Teamsters-National 401(k) Savings Plan Website