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What is a Union? First understand that you are the union. Unions are the members, and members are the workers. Workers who come together to protect and further their rights and interests in the workplace. Being a union empowers you to have a seat at the table with your employer to negotiate your rights and benefits there.

U.S. Dept. of Labor reports that wages of union members are, on average 27% higher than those who work without union representation; 92% of union workers have job related health coverage compared to 68% non-union; 73% of union workers have guaranteed, defined benefit pension compared to 16% non-union.

If you would like to organize your workplace please contact our Organizer, Josh Ikola.

801-972-1898 ext. 13

If your workplace is non-union

  • You are an “employee at will.” Your employer can discipline or fire you at any time for any reason; you have no recourse

  • “Open door” policy means the employer will listen to you… and then do whatever he or she wants.

  • Employer determines wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of work. If you’re not satisfied, your only option is to get another job.

  • Wages, benefits and other terms and conditions can be changed by the employer at any time.

  • Hiring and promotion is up to the discretion of the employer.

  • Only 68% have health coverage

  • 16% have guaranteed, defined benefit pension

If you join a union and have a contract

  • Discipline, up to and including discharge is subject to a grievance procedure and binding arbitration depending on the terms of your contract.

  • Contract negotiations require both sides — labor and management — to listen, and reach reasonable compromises acceptable to both sides.

  • Wages, benefits and working conditions are negotiated. If you are not satisfied, you can work for changes during contract negotiations.

  • Neither labor nor management can make unilateral changes to a signed contract. If modifications are necessary during the life of a contract, both sides must agree.
  • Hiring and promotion is covered by contract. Seniority and other factors can be written into the agreement.

  • 73% have guaranteed, defined benefit pension

  • 92% have health coverage

  • 27% higher wages on average