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Retirees Club


The Utah Chapter of the Teamsters Retirees Club has always been a successful Club with high attendance.

The Retirees Club and it’s funds are directed and overseen by a Board of Directors elected from their ranks, consisting of  a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Trustees.

The Club meets monthly at the Union Hall located at 2641 South 3270 West, Salt Lake City, Utah at 1:00 pm on the second Wednesday of every month.  They do something different every month and welcome new ideas.

The Union pays the first years Club “dues” in behalf of all newly retired members.  Dues are only $25 per year for the retired member and their spouse/partner.  Pretty inexpensive for a monthly lunch for two.

If you are retired and have never participated in the Club, it’s never too late.  You are welcome at any time.  You’ll enjoy the company of friends and co-workers of the past and make new acquaintances and the stories that some of our older retirees tell are priceless.

For information on joining, please call one of your Club Officers:

President, Jim (Doris) Chandler     801-513-5402

Vice President, Kathy DeLuca     801-707-4062

Secretary, Sue (John) Benton     801-255-7835

Treasurer, Lois Knutson     801-969-0098

Trustee, John (Sue) Benton     801-560-4126

Trustee, Joyce (Roger) Hill     801-966-2910

Trustee, Dick (Pat) Newmann    801-968-9743