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Union Benefits

In addition to all of the advantages that come from working under a Teamsters Labor Contract, membership in Local 222 also offers the following friends and benefits:

Supplemental Disability Insurance

Being unable to work due to injury or illness can be incredibly stressful.  Not getting paid enough to support your family because of an injury or illness can be devastating.  Local 222 is proud to work in conjunction with Catherine Neff to offer Supplemental Disability Insurance and other supplemental policies.

Utah First Credit Union for Teamster Local 222 Members

Teamsters Local 222 Credit Union joined forces with Utah First Credit Union to offer Teamster Members of Utah access to the power of Utah First with convenient branch locations along the Wasatch Front.  Both Utah First and Teamsters Local 222 have been working hard for hard working Utahns since the 1930’s.

UnionPlus Benefits from Union Privilege

Union Plus Services offers Union friendly credit card opportunities to Union members.

Friends of Teamsters Local 222

The following professionals and organizations are Friends of Local 222 and will assist our members with their services.

Monarch Dental

Monarch Dental understands the challenges and costs facing working Utahns when seeking dental services.  Monarch Dental has several offices along the Wasatch Front and operates on Saturdays.  Tell them you are a Teamster for even more savings.

Dawn Atkin – Workers’ Comp Attorney

Workers in Utah have very few friends, and injured workers even fewer.  Dawn Atkin is there for us when injuries occur and legal guidance is needed.  Sister Atkin’s knowledge and experience has been an immense help to many of us.  There is no need to face these challenges alone.