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Hiring Hall


The Construction Division of Teamsters Local 222 is employed via a hiring hall.  Contractors are signatory to a Labor Agreement, which requires that hiring is done through the Hiring Hall.

If you have questions regarging the Construction Division that are unanswered after review of the following, please contact Business Agent, Grant Edwards, at or by calling him at 801-972-1898 ext. 29.

Registrants are subject to the Hiring Hall Rules and Procedures of Teamsters Local 222.  You must be un-employed to sign up on the Hiring Hall.  All experience must be indicated on your registration form.  The Local Union will not be liable for your failure to list experience and keep your record updated when new experience is gained.
The following documents are required to sign up:
·         Copy of current Class A CDL
·         Copy of current DOT physical card
·         Copy of Social Security Card

·         Current DMVR


·         $16 Hiring Hall Fee

If mailed, your registration date will be the postmark date, so keep track of that date for monthly registration purposes.
The Hiring Hall fee is $16.00 per month and is due at the time you sign the list. If not employed within thirty (30) days from the date of registration, and you wish maintain your position on the list, the $16.00 fee is due by the same day of the following month. Failure to submit the fee will result in your name being dropped from the list until such time as you submit the fee. Your name will go to the bottom of the respective list by this default.
Work calls are dispatched successively from the “A” through “D” lists.
All new registrants will be placed on the “D” list.
To advance from the “D” list to the “C” list you must work thirty (30) days within one year from the first date of registration. This time period need not be consecutive.
To advance from the “C” list to the “B” list you must work 500 hours in one calendar year; i.e. January 1st through December 31st.
To advance from the “B” list to the “A” list you must work 1000 hours in each of two calendar years following the calendar year in which “B” status was achieved. The 2000 hours must be acquired within five years.
·         Register on March 1st – “D” list
·         Dispatched on March 6th and work 20 days – “D” list
·         Dispatched on April 10th and work 10 days – “C” status obtained
·         After the 30 days worked to acquire “C” status you must work an additional 500 hours, not consecutive, in the year 2000 to obtain “B” status.
·         You must work 1000 hours, not consecutive, per calendar year in any of two calendar years of the next five years to obtain “A” status.
**If you do not register for two years (24 months) your name will drop to the list below (EXAMPLE: from “A” to “B”).
**Work days and hours are days and hours worked in the State of Utah or Wyoming under the Teamsters Local 222 Hiring Hall.